Congress seeks Kejriwal's apology over 'accept money' remarks

Kejriwal told voters to accept money from all political parties as it is their own money but vote only for AAP candidates.

Panaji: Congress in Goa on Monday demanded apology from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal for "insulting" the voters of the state by asking them to accept money offered by all political party, but vote for AAP.

While addressing an election rally in Benaulim constituency on Saturday, Kejriwal had told voters, "If Congress or BJP candidates offer money, do not refuse it. Accept it as it is your own money and there is nothing wrong in getting it back. If they do not offer money, go to their offices and ask for it. But, when it comes to voting, press the button against the name of the AAP candidate."

Congress spokesman in Goa, Trajano D'Mello, while addressing a press conference today, said, "Kejriwal's appeal to the people to take money from all political parties and vote for AAP is a clear case of inducing people to be corrupt. This is an insult to sensitive voters from Goa. Therefore, he should apologise to the people from the state."

"I appeal to the Election Commission to take suo moto action, failing which I will study the legal implications and would not hesitate to file a formal complaint," he added.

D'Mello said the Delhi Chief Minister has expressed his contempt for Goa, its people and its culture by stating that he would bring a Delhi model of governance in the coastal state.

"Is it going to be a dengue-infected state, where while people are dying, the health minister does not feel it necessary to rush back to his territory to take control of the situation? Is it going to be a government, wherein the tax-payers' money will be diverted for advertisement in other states, just as crores of rupees of Delhi's tax-payers' money were spent on ads in other states, where the CAG has come down heavily," the Congress leader said.

"The AAP claiming to provide 50,000 jobs and arrest corrupt Congress leaders only confirms and proves that it is the B team of the BJP. The strategy is being followed for the simple reason that these two issues were promised by the BJP in 2012 and had lured the Goan voters," D'Mello alleged.

( Source : PTI )
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