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Hyderabad: Missing girl speaks to parents after 15 years

Published Dec 8, 2019, 2:56 am IST
Updated Dec 8, 2019, 2:56 am IST

Vijayawada: A girl who went missing from her home 15 years ago when she was four years old spoke to her parents on Saturday, thanks to help from a Good Samaritan. They will be meeting on Sunday.

Ms Kodipetla Bhavani is a native of Srikakulam district. She only remembers that she was going to school and suddenly found herself in Hyderabad. She cannot recall how she reached Hyderabad.

When she went missing, her family members searched for her and slowly gave up hope of ever meeting her again.

In Hyderabad, a woman named Jayamma adopted Ms Bhavani brought her up along with her daughters. She helped Ms Bhavani complete her Intermediate, while her own daughters did not purse their education.

Ms Bhavani later landed in Vijayawada and is working as a domestic help. When her employer Mohan Vamsidhar enquired about her background she told her story. She said she remembered her parents as Madhava Rao, and Jayalakshmi and that she had two brothers, Santosh and Gopi.  

Mr Vamsi searched for those names on social media platforms and noticed her brother on Facebook. He called them over the phone, and Ms Bhavani spoke to her family for the first time in a decade and a half.

Ms Bhavani said she was very happy to speak to her family members. They will be meeting later. She said her foster mother had been good to her, but she would like to go back to her own family, who are agricultural labourers. The family has left from Srikalulam and will reunite on Sunday



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