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Hyderabad High Court confirms life sentence for dowry murderer

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Published on: November 7, 2016 | Updated on: November 8, 2016

Rajesh and his mother killed wife Swaroopa for Rs 1 lakh and a motorcycle.

Hyderabad High Court

Hyderabad High Court

Hyderabad: The HC has confirmed life sentence for a man for killing his wife for a motorcycle and some cash.

A division bench comprising Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar and Justice M. Seetharama Murti dismissed an appeal by one A. Rajesh convicted for killing his wife for dowry.

Rajesh and his mother killed his wife Swaroopa on Feb 7, 2006. They subjected her to cruelty seeking a dowry of Rs 1 lakh  and a motorcycle.

The trial court charged Rajesh and his mother under Section 304 (B) which deals with the death of a woman caused by burns or bodily injury.

The trial court also charged them under Section 302 for killing Swaroopa by pouring kerosene on her and setting her ablaze. The trial court while relying on the dying declaration of Swaroopa convicted Rajesh and sentenced him to life imprisonment which is the maximum punishment under the Section. Aggrieved by the punishment Rajesh moved an appeal before HC.

During the hearing the bench found that the judicial officer who recorded the dying declaration of the deceased meticulously followed all steps while recording the statement.

The bench pointed out that a judicial officer was seized of the sacrosanct duty of recording the dying declaration of a victim who was at death’s door and his evidence and actions cannot be doubted unless serious irregularities are shown in the manner he discharged this duty.

The bench observed that "in the case the dying declaration demonstrates that the deceased, a young woman of 18 years, was put to death due to the greed of her husband."

Reacting to the claim of the appellant that he was not even at the spot when the deceased was caught in flames, the bench said, "This is his remorse even at this stage."

The bench said. "The coldblooded act of the appellant pouring kerosene over his wife, and setting her on fire with no second thought clearly indicates that this was a case warranting the highest punishment under Section 304-B IPC.   

AP told to sell Agri Gold assets
The Hyderabad HC directed the AP government on Monday to take on the responsibility of selling the seven commercial properties belonging to the Agri Gold group of companies, located in and around Vijayawada.

A division bench comprising Justice V Ramasubra-manian and Justice S.V. Bhatt while hearing a PIL by Agri Gold Depositors and Agents Welfare Association seeking a CBI probe into the scam and repayment for about 32 lakh depositors across seven states directed that the Additional DGP (CID) of AP, who is the competent authority, to invite bids for these properties.

The bench directed the CID chief to arrive at the market value of these properties and fix 10 per cent of it as upset price. The exercise should be completed by Nov. 21. The advertisement should be issued on or before November 28 in an English newspaper, a regional daily and other platforms, inviting offers in sealed covers to the Registrar (Judicial) of High Court.

The bench said that the offers should reach the court on or before Dec. 16 and the bids will be opened on Dec. 19 at 2.30 pm in the court. The bidders will be invited to be present in the court at that time.

Mr Krishna Prakash, special counsel for AP, submitted in a sealed cover the list of properties including Haailand Resorts in Vijayawada that are encumbrance free and can be sold early.

Mr L. Ravichander senior counsel appearing for Agri Gold, objected to Haailand being placed in the list. He alleged that many influential people were eyeing the property and that they had pressured the company to sell to them. When refused, the company was threatened that it would not be allowed to run its business in the state. The bench posted the matter to Nov. 21.

He also said they are not surprised that the CID, which is an arm of the government, has put this property at the top of its list.

Mr K. Sravan Kumar counsel for the petitioner pointed out that the Telangana government had also recently attached many properties of Agri Gold Company in the state and wanted the Court to direct it to adopt similar process to sell those properties.

The bench asked Mr. A. Sanjeev Kumar special counsel for Telangana to provide the list of properties and the modalities by the time of the next hearing.
The bench posted the matter for Nov 21.

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