Sitting MLAs, ticket aspirants trying to woo voters in erstwhile Adilabad

They offer curd rice, ambali and buttermilk in election year

Adilabad: Sitting MLAs and ticket aspirants are trying to keep the people cool from the temperatures by offering them curd rice, ambali, and buttermilk at various points in the towns in the erstwhile Adilabad district. A small quantity of mango pickles, or sambar, is also provided, along with curd rice and ambali.

Political leaders are going overboard in social service for the poor on various occasions to move closer to the common people since it is an election year.
Sitting MLAs and ticket aspirants are required to attend marriages, funerals, and other important occasions and come to the rescue of the people if anybody is in bad need of money to meet medical expenses.

Earlier, leaders used to distribute cool water during the summer, but they have changed their style in the run-up to the elections.

Mancherial BRS MLA N. Diwakar Rao is distributing ‘Diwakaranna Perugannam’ (Diwakaranna’s curd rice) and also buttermilk at various chowks in Mancherial town.

While former Congress MLC Kokkirala Premsagar Rao and DCC president Surekha have set up Ambali Centres (Jowar Malt) at various places in the Mancherial, Naspur, Luxettipet, and Dandepalli.

Jowar malt is a traditional recipe that people still consume today, especially during the summer, to get respite from the temperatures and keep the body cool. People also drink jowar malt to avoid fainting during the summer.

Premsagar Rao also started supplying drinking water through water tankers to the colonies where people are facing acute drinking water shortages in Mancherial town.

MLAs and their sons visit these curd rice and buttermilk distribution centres and interact with the people who visit their distribution centres at the roadside.

Kotnak Tirupati, a senior Congress leader in Mancherial district, said drinking ambali is more helpful and gives some relief to the people who walk and work under the scorching sun and are affected by the temperatures.

Local political leaders provide cool drinking water in various towns in Nirmal, Komaram Bheem, Asifabad, and Adilabad districts.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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