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How can Reddy's men get tickets, asks Justice Santosh Hegde

Deccan Chronicle| Bala Chauhan

Published on: May 7, 2018 | Updated on: May 7, 2018

The BJP has given tickets to seven of his nominees including two of his brothers.

Santosh Hegde (Photo: PTI)

Santosh Hegde (Photo: PTI)

BENGALURU: Former Lokayukta and Supreme Court judge Justice Santosh Hegde, whose probe into mega-illegal iron ore mining scam led to resignation and subsequent arrest of then Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in 2011, rued the fact that political corruption and illegal mining scam are non-issues in Assembly elections scheduled for May 12.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle Justice Hegde said: "Janardhan Reddy was one of the main players in illegal mining scam and activities connected with it. He spent huge amounts of money for his daughter's wedding (in November 2016) when the country had run out of cash because of demonetization.

The BJP has given tickets to seven of his nominees including two of his brothers. Even though the Supreme Court  has instructed him to stay away from campaigning, his monetary powers will play a definitive role for the BJP in these elections." Justice Hegde was critical about the ruling Congress too for fielding two accused politicians - Anand Singh and B. Nagendra. "Left to me, I would have recommended the main author of the illegal mining report, now retired forest officer Dr U.V. Singh for a Padma award but which political party has the honesty to even remember the contribution of Dr Singh to Karnataka and its people?" asked a visibly upset Justice Hegde.

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