On the contrary: Police have failed, we must arm and defend ourselves

Defending oneself from a rowdy, robber or rapist is not \"taking law into our hands\", it's self-defence.

As children, we are all taught to be polite, decent, law-abiding citizens, and we are taught that we should go to the police or the authorities when someone threatens or harms us. We are told not to “take law into our hands”.

On the contrary, defending oneself from a rowdy, robber or rapist is not "taking law into our hands", it's self-defence. And it's time we learnt to defend ourselves, and armed ourselves for it. For, the police in Bengaluru have not only failed in their primary duty, they have themselves become, as several recent incidents have shown, predators, taking the side of criminals and wrong-doers and further victimizing the victims.

I learnt this lesson the hard way. I am a migrant techie. Not too long ago, I was returning home from a shopping mall when I was molested -- the man came from behind, touched me and made lewd comments. But I did not just sit and cry, I chased the man down and gave him a sound thrashing. What was shocking, though, was that the man felt emboldened enough to do his lecherous thing in public, in broad daylight! Obviously, there is no fear of the police in this city.

Worse, when I called for help - and there were many people around who were watching the spectacle - not one person came to my aid. Have men become sheep in this city? Or are people happy just updating their Facebook pages with what they saw?

My misgivings about the police and people were confirmed last week when another migrant in this city was simply lifted off the street and molested by a local rowdy, right outside her paying guest accommodation and in front of many mute spectators! And again, yesterday, when two men went to the police with a grievance against their landlord, and the police turned on them and beat them black and blue, taking the landlord's side.

Having learnt my lesson, I have come to believe that perhaps it’s time the decent citizens of this city armed and protected themselves. Maybe we should emulate the US in this respect, where citizens own and carry guns for protection. When in trouble, a corrupt police force is not of much help, nor are fellow citizens who themselves live in fear and would not put in danger their own safety for the sake of a stranger. I now go out armed to protect myself.

Payal is a pseudonym. The author’s real name is being withheld to protect her identity.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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