Fewer toilets, unhygienic conditions make life hell for girls in govt schools

The girls said that they have been bearing this torture for over a year and are suffering many health problems

Hyderabad: Lack of basic facilities in government schools in the city is raising concerns over women’s education on the one hand while the students are averse to attending regular classes. Time and again they have complained against dirty and stinking toilets but the government remains unmoved.

For instance, the Government High School in Jubilee Hills, with 1,600 students, has six working washrooms for girls and seven for boys. A huge queue of over 700 girls is formed every day to use the washroom, despite it being dirty and unhygienic.

The girls said that they have been bearing this torture for over a year and are suffering many health problems. They also added that they are forced to take at least five days of menstrual leaves as they get infected and fall sick.

“There are only six toilets for 800 girls. There is hardly anyone to clean and maintain them. This has added to the mosquito menace,” said a class 8 student from the school.

A Class 9 student said, “I don’t go to school during periods as I had to bear severe pain due to infection. I take five days leave every month because of it. We have stopped drinking a lot of water to control the urge to use washrooms. Girls are now prone to stomach cramps,” she said.

A senior staff member, requesting anonymity, said that there are only two cleaners and one toilet cleaner for 1600 students. The government pays only Rs 2,500 a month for cleaners and nobody is ready to work for that amount.

“There are two primary schools and a high school on the premises. Primary students use the washroom frequently and it ends up getting dirty. The government does not send adequate funds nor does it appoint cleaners despite several requests. A year and a half ago, the government had announced that every school would have good washrooms. However, nothing has happened so far," said the staff member.

The staffer added that cleaners demand Rs 8000 per month which the government is not ready to pay. They have appointed three cleaners, whose salary is paid by an NGO.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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