Hyderabad: Women help firms grow

Staff feels more engaged when they have female boss: Forbes.

Hyderabad: Greater profits, enhanced problem solving and better work relations are the results of more number of women working in an organisation, according to a study published in Forbes magazine.

The study Companies With Lots Of Women Are Actually More Successful published on June 23, 2016 found that 33 per cent of employees felt engaged at work when they had female bosses while only 27 per cent felt engaged with male bosses.

The Forbes study said that companies with women on their boards had seen a 42 per cent higher return on sales. Profit on invested capital was 66 per cent greater and there was better performance by 53 per cent, Forbes reported.

Madulika Rani, who works in a senior position in the human resource department of a private company, says women are committed to meeting targets and despite the odds they face, they put in a lot of hard work into achieving those targets.

“Departments that have been consistently under the guidance of women have benefited as women are open and willing to hear you out when things are going wrong,” she said.

In many male-dominated sectors, women do have a problem when they are in a leadership role, but still excel and prove themselves.

Nandita Bakshi, a senior employee with a pharmaceutical company, says women in leadership positions inculcate a style where men feel comfortable and this is a huge task.

“Apart from managing the product, service and the fine balance of finance, it requires acumen to keep the team together and take co-members along. There are new challenges as more and more women enter leadership positions in corporate and other private sectors,” she said.

Social scientists have found that in the organised sector having women in the workforce is reaping larger benefits and it's important to sustain this.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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