Saree designer cyberstalks woman CEO, arrested

Police said the accused, Edagottu Laxmikanth, began sending vulgar and abusive emails to his former boss.

Hyderabad: One Edagottu Laxmikanth, who was stalking and harassing the woman CEO of a company where he worked previously was arrested by Cyber Crime Police of CCS, detective department, Hyderabad.

According to the police Laxmikanth worked with the Company as a women’s garment designer. He used to draw up designs for sarees and send them to the company CEO’s mail id. He quit the company in June last year and was doing freelance work online.

Police said Laxmikanth started sending extremely vulgar, abusive, and sexually harassing emails from a fake mail id to the CEO. She then approached the cyber crime police.

The police said they booked a case and investigated and arrested the accused on Friday under various provisions including under the information technology Act. He has been remanded.

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