Beware of SIM CARD fraudsters

According to Cyber Crime ACP S. Harinath, SIM swap fraudsters adopt a tested modus operandi.

Hyderabad: Nowadays, most banking services are available on the mobile phone. For online transactions, one needs One Time Password (OTP), Unique Registration Number (URN), 3D secure code, among other things, which are all provided through the registered phone number of users.

The danger comes in the form of SIM swaps. This is used to specifically con the rich and elite classes. Recently, a Uppal resident lodged a complaint saying that he lost Rs 25 lakh and he had no knowledge of any such ‘transaction’.

According to Cyber Crime ACP S. Harinath, SIM swap fraudsters adopt a tested modus operandi. They send a phishing message like a page to the victims seeking information like name, date of birth, resident address and phone numbers. They collect personal information from malware or Trojans.

The fraudster next makes a call to the mobile service providers and requests a new SIM claiming that he has lost the mobile or that it have been damaged. This is to ensure that they get the same number.

Using the personal data of the victims that is already with them, they manage to get a new SIM issued for the registered mobile number of a user. Once a new SIM card is issued, the mobile service providers deactivate the old one.

Now, the victim will not receive any SMS on the mobile. One must understand that if any individual receives profound fake calls, he should not switch off the phone and leave it unanswered.

Meanwhile, one has to check with the mobile operators if they had sent any message related to SIM card change.

This can help in stopping an imminent fraud.

Cyber expert Nallamothu Sreedhar says, “One should never disclose confidential information such as internet banking user id, Personal Identity Number, passwords and card CVV numbers. One should also desist from putting mobile numbers on social media platforms.”

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