WhatsApp chat turns ugly, police called in

On Friday, one of the boys had an argument with his classmate, who is a resident of RTC Colony, over a cricket match.

Hyderabad: A conversation between two students on a college WhatsApp group over a cricket match and selling a car led to an argument, forcing the parents and the police to interfere.

Brother of one student called the other student for a discussion and sought an apology from him.

On knowing this, his parents filed a kidnap case with the police. However, the police counselled both the boys in the presence of their parents and warned them of strict action if involved in such activities again. The incident happened under the Hayathnagar police station limit.

The 17-year-old boy stays at Lecturer’s Colony and is a second year intermediate student.

On Friday, he had an argument with his classmate, who is a resident of RTC Colony, over a cricket match. When the second boy posted details about selling a pre-owned car and mentioned its price, the first boy argued with him, saying that the car will not fetch such a big amount, which led to a heated argument and the former threatened the later. On learning this, the latter’s elder brother called the former for a discussion.

The former’s parents approached the police, claiming that their son was kidnapped by his friends. The police traced the boys in the playground and brought them to the police station.

The police said that it was a petty fight and the boys tried to solve it by themselves without the knowledge of their parents. “They were counselled and were warned of strict action if invo-lved in such activities again. Later, they were let off,” said Mr G. Raman Goud, SI from Hayathnagar. A GD ent-ry of the incident is ma-de at the police station.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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