Anantapur: Pawan mum on where he would contest from

He claimed that there are strong leaders in Rayalaseema but they are not able to drive away drought effect.

Anantapur: Jana Sena chief Pawan kalian said he will announce in February where he would be contesting for the upcoming general polls. He indicated that his party would contest for 175 seats in AP irrespective of whether it had support or not.

Pawan lashed out at YSRC chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for having avoided Assembly sessions and the party's failure to question the government on various burning issues. Pawan also criticised Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu's 'Rain Guns' programme claiming that the party leaders earned crores of rupees in commission but it did not, in any way, benefited the farmers.

Pawan was speaking to media here on Thursday when lashed out at leaders of all political parties claiming that they were selfish and never thought about welfare of people.

The Jana Sena chief assured the implementation of an Israel type agriculture system in Ananatapur to overcome drought. "There is no soil quality in Israel but they overcame drought condition using technology. They grow sufficient quantity of agriculture produce with four persons working on an area measuring 1000 yards. There are fair chances to reap benefits with lesser expenditure, here also. Agriculture ranches would be set up in the SEZ lands which are laying unused," he said.

A documentary on the pathetic conditions prevailing in the district was presented. Pawan said, "The reason for making documentaries on various issues is to raise awareness. The issue of Uddanam kidney was not known even to people from Srikakulam town when it came to the notice of Jana Sena.

There was a lot of negligence prevailing there with even basic amenities not being available to people. As far as Anantapur is concerned the migration issue is a serious problem," he observed.

He claimed that there are strong leaders in Rayalaseema but they are not able to drive away drought effect.

Rain guns were purchased and ditches dug spending as much as Rs 700 crore but there are no rain guns with farmers now, he obseved. Local leaders failed to present the farmer in whose land rain guns were opened when Jana Sena wanted the facts.

Jana Sena also formulates long term action plan after deep study on weaving sector. Skill development among youth should be taken up before industries are established.

"KIA motor factory is established, 30 per cent jobs are to be given to the locals. But people are brought from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. This would lead to regional tensions. We are want the industrialists to establish various industries here," he observed.

Pawan said that the leader of the opposition should stop making personal allegations against him and wage a war on drought.

He should talk in the Assembly duly lifting the self imposed boycott of the Assembly. It is enough if the YCP leaders recognises the drought.

Leader of the opposition party should attend the Assembly alone, even if all his MLAs were purchased and wage a fight on people's problems.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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