Rajahmundry railway station: Good news for passengers

Rajahmundry station to get new platforms, escalators and amenities.

Rajahmundry: Considering the growth in the number of passengers and their needs and expectations, railway authorities plan to give a facelift to Rajahmundry railway station with more amenities added for rail passengers. The authorities will install another escalator towards the left side from the main entrance or exit on platform number one connecting the foot-over-bridge. This will help passengers getting off the trains on platform numbers two and three to reach platform number one and the exit. There is an escalator on platform number one towards the right side on entering platform number one for the benefit of commuters to approach platform numbers two.

Two lifts each with a capacity to carry eight persons will be installed on platform numbers one and two to help passengers reach move easily between one, two and three. Cement-concrete construction for the installation of these lifts is over and the lifts will be installed shortly. Authorities are considering assigning an attendant at the escalators to help the passengers who are not familiar with such facility. The authorities are yet to work out modalities in the operation of lifts with an attendant or without especially in the day.

Two more platforms, numbers four and five towards the east side of the railway station are to be added. The platforms were sanctioned by the railway authorities earlier. Engineering chart for setting up the two platforms has yet to be prepared and tracks alignment has also to be taken up. The upcoming platforms would be steeply curved and authorities are carefully working out the engineering map and alignment of tracks to ensure safety in the operation.

The railway station earns revenue ranging between Rs 16 lakh and Rs 20 lakh per day on an average. With some of the people opting to travel by personal vehicles by road to reach their destinations at their will, the railways feel the impact on its revenue slightly. Station master D.V.P.S Prabhkara Rao said, "We are strengthening more amenities at the railway station for the benefit of passengers in order to help them board or alight trains without facing difficulty in reaching the targeted platforms in no time."

Meanwhile, stray dog menace continues to be an issue at the railway station platforms. Many passengers get scared on seeing dogs moving towards them and barking at times. Railway authorities say that despite several repeated requests to the civic authorities to tackle stray dog menace, there is no relief to them.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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