Karnataka: Tourism minister seeks public support to protect monuments

Bidar: Karnataka Tourism Minister H.K Patil has sought the support of people to protect historical monuments across the state. Speaking after presiding over a meeting with local entrepreneurs and individuals who are keen on the conservation of monuments in Bidar, the minister shared details of the comprehensive survey being undertaken by the government to identify historical monuments.

"At present, 834 monuments have been declared as protected sites. Estimates suggest there could be about 25,000 to 30,000 monuments in the state. The ambitious village-level survey has already been completed in 38 taluks. About 19,000 antiques have been found," he said.

He emphasized the importance of public involvement in safeguarding tourist destinations.

To this end, A project named the 'Namma Smaraka Dattu Yojane' was launched in September with the primary aim of collaborating with the public, entrepreneurs, and associations to develop historical sites.

Patil underlined the wealth of religious and historical monuments in Bidar district, including the historical fort, Mohammed Gawan Madarasa, Octagonal Well, Narasimha Swamy temple, and Basavakalyan fort.

"These invaluable assets will be developed to ensure they receive the basic amenities they deserve. Bidar district stands as a testament to Karnataka's millennia-old culture, history, and heritage. It is incumbent upon all of us to protect and cherish these historical treasures, which have borne witness to the passage of time," he said.

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