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Nation Current Affairs 07 Aug 2019 Musicians attacked f ...

Musicians attacked for not singing Kannada songs

Published Aug 7, 2019, 6:19 am IST
Updated Aug 7, 2019, 6:19 am IST
Guitarist Anubhav suffered serious injuries on his left eye. Others were manhandled by the goons.

Bengaluru: Members of the music band ‘Musication’ were attacked for not singing Kannada songs in the Phoenix Marketcity premises near Whitefield.

The band members took to Facebook to slam mall authorities for not taking any action against the goons. Also, mall authorities have not approached police to ensure safety and security of the artistes who perform there.


However, the mall authorities clarified that they take utmost care on safety of artistes, but they did not speak about reporting the incident to the police.

Guitarist Anubhav suffered serious injuries on his left eye. Others were manhandled by the goons.

Jurisdictional Mahadevapura police, when contacted, explained that they have not received any complaints regarding the incident.

“There is a Facebook post in this regard. If any of the band members or the mall authorities file a complaint, we will initiate action against the culprits,” the police underlined.


“Probably the worst day of our performance tenure,” the FB post read.

The incident happened when the team was packing up after their performance. Two drunkards who appeared from nowhere had demanded them to sing Kannada songs.

The members even sung one Kannada song for them and when the band members tried to tell them that the instruments were being packed, the miscreants were in no mood to listen.

The mall authorities tried to intervene but it was to no use as the situation had turned ugly with one of the band members trying to videograph the incident on his mobile.


The miscreants had attacked the members with mike stand. “Our band mate had to go through this after completion of a fantastic show. The reason we were attacked was not playing Kannada songs. Whereas, we always try to play one or two Kannada or regional songs in our set list for our love of the regional music,” their Face Book page read.

“We did the same that day (Friday) as well. Few of us were attacked by a mike stand can you imagine?” their post questioned. They also further said that, “we are gradually approaching a situation where we will put ourselves in a situation of war in the name of language, culture, religion and cast. If this is the way you treat artistes, then where you will end up,” the post explained. The music band had pleaded Phoenix Marketcity Mall to do something about the incident.  


However, Phoenix Marketcity officials  said that it had initiated necessary action. “Mall authorities would like to address the unforeseen incident that took place on 2nd August 2019 Friday. This happened between two parties. However, this was an altercation between two individuals post event, our potent security guards took prompt actions and brought situation under control.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru