Telangana: Drug bust No smartphones for kids

Leading schools in Telangana sent advisory notifications to parents with instructions to be followed at home.

Hyderabad: Leading schools have issued notices, sent mails and messages to parents with instructions to be followed at home. Mr Narasimha Reddy, Principal of Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur, said, “Teenagers are curious, which often leads them into many traps. Our school has notified parents not to give children more money than is required. Children do not require a smartphone. Internet is important for academics and therefore a computer can be set up in the hall where parents can monitor what their children are doing.”

Schools have notified parents to not send children to social gatherings without escorting them personally. Ms Seema Gupta, a parent, said, “I received a message from my daughter’s school that has advised me to go through her school bag daily. I am glad that the school is taking corrective measures to solve the problem. Constant interaction between parents and teachers can help in identifying behavioural changes in students.”

Schools have asked parents to conduct background checks on personal vehicle drivers as they could supply drugs to the students. Johnson Grammar School Principal Saraswati Rao, said, “We have conducted an awareness programme amongst the staff in our school. We will be monitoring our bus drivers with breathalysers. Safety of our children is a priority so even parents should monitor the people who their child travels with everyday.”

Authorities claim that although they can tighten security on school grounds, they cannot control what a student does after school hours, therefore parents should keep an eye over students.

“If students fail to answer calls or spend more time outside and the general interaction with parents reduces, it should be taken seriously,” said a teacher.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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