Oil Spill Disrupts Traffic at Masab Tank

Hyderabad: The spillage of oil on the busy Masab Tank road, near NMDC, caused severe chaos, particularly affecting traffic and causing inconvenience for office-goers and schoolchildren. The situation required the intervention of the Disaster Response Force (DRF), GHMC, and Traffic teams, who worked for several hours using heavy machinery, sand, and mud to clear the area.

On Wednesday around 5 am, a truck trailer carrying six oil barrels encountered an accident on the NMDC road. Three of the oil barrels, containing machinery oil, fell off the trailer, resulting in oil spillage across the road. This road serves as a crucial connection between Mehidipatnam, airport, Lakdikapul and Vijayanagar Colony, and is also a route to the IT corridor.

The traffic was severely affected, causing delays for office-goers and resulting in diversions of bus routes. The situation was chaotic and caused significant disruption.

However, authorities eventually gained control of the situation, EV&DM director N. Prakash Reddy told Deccan Chronicle, "The spilled oil covered the entire road and adjacent lanes. We deployed 25 DRF personnel and JCBs to pour mud over the affected area and remove the oil. Traffic police and GHMC personnel worked collectively to clear the road by 10 am."

It took until noon for the road to return to normal traffic conditions. Currently, the traffic is flowing smoothly with its regular volume.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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