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Amid safety threat, low trust in police a concern

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Published on: June 7, 2022 | Updated on: June 7, 2022

Women say cops are 'rude', helplines not responsive

Police disperse NSUI stuents clashing with BJP members over saffron party MLA Raghunandan Rao's comment on the rape case on Monday. (Deepak Deshpande/DC)

Police disperse NSUI stuents clashing with BJP members over saffron party MLA Raghunandan Rao's comment on the rape case on Monday. (Deepak Deshpande/DC)

Hyderabad: The fears of young girls and women have escalated following the rape of three minors in the last one week. Many women opened up about how unsafe they feel most of the time and police are usually the last ones they would like to contact as they were ‘not responsive’.

Most women said that they were unaware of women help line numbers and those who had contacted the number had nothing but ‘bad experience with police personnel, who are either not responsive or are very rude’.

A 40-year-old mother of two, Bushra Khan, said that she was aware of the women's helpline number. But she did not get a response when she tried calling them.

"There are times when men misbehave with women and they do not know where, how and who to report to at the time. Many girls are subject to this trauma," she said.

Banker Anubhuti Bhan agrees but says that her friends or family have asked her to ignore the situation when it comes to harassment rather than contacting the police.

Esha Hindocha, a fashion blogger, said that she does not trust the police or any other person for her safety as she feels it is her own responsibility. "They might be helpful at a later stage, but definitely not in the need of the hour," she said.
The experience shared by Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli, transgender and RTI activist, with the Hyderabad police is rather shocking. On calling 100 or women safety wing, Vyjayanti said "They are enormously dismissive, ignorant and supremely indifferent to atrocities against queer and transgender persons and sex workers.

Vyjayanti  added ,"We prefer approaching the police only after first approaching transgender affirming activists and human rights lawyers and prefer visiting the police stations with activists and lawyers. Approaching the police alone can practically be a recipe for an avoidable disaster."

Disha Agarwal, 25, who works for an MNC, said that her family always supports her to ask police for help. She said that the police have been helpful to them, especially the She teams who provided help within no time while guaranteeing anonymity.

Prathyusha Pappu, 33, who works for a national news channel, added that she was always helped by the city police when she dialed 100 and the police ensured her safety within five minutes.

Sonali Sudhakar, 25, anchor, said even though police are helpful, she is always in fear when she steps out of her house. "Brisk walking has become a habit now when I notice someone following me. It is always in my subconscious mind that I have to keep myself safe by either walking fast or constantly talking to someone on call about my location," she said.

When in need, call for help

Women Helpline -181

Childline -1098

Police Emergency -100

Hawk eye application for women

She teams - 94906 16555

Bharosa Hyderabad -040-27852500

Services for transport of pregnant woman 102

9441669988 women safety wing

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