Not needed: Muskaan\'s father on Al-Qaeda chief\'s video

\'There is government, there is law, there is police; they will take a future course of action,\' Khan said

Mandy: Mohammed Hussain Khan, father of Muskaan Khan, the girl who was praised by Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri in a video statement on the hijab row yesterday, reacted to the video by saying that it is not needed.

"I don't know who they are. They said something in Arabic, I don't know what they said. By this (video message) confusion will be created among us. It is not needed at all," he said.

"I don't want appreciation. We are staying here happy. Let us be happy. There is government, there is law, there is police; they will take a future course of action," Khan added.

Refusing to comment on the video, Khan said that he doesn't even know Zawahiri.

"I am living here (in India) in peace and harmony, I don't know what's happening abroad. We stay like brothers here," he added.

During the protests in Karnataka over the Hijab row, Muskaan was heckled by a group of students wearing saffron shawls. The group shouted 'Jai Sri Ram' slogans to which the girl retorted by shouting 'Allah hu Akbar'.

Zawahiri in a video had praised student Muskaan Khan for standing in defence of the headscarf.

Khan termed the Hijab row as unfortunate and said that if the college would not allow the girls to wear Hijab, he will send Muskaan to a different college where she'd be allowed to wear them.

Earlier, BJP OBC Morcha General Secretary Yashpal Suvarna reacted to the video and said that the issue was hatched by the anti-social elements and demanded an NIA enquiry into the matter.

Suvarna further said that such issues will "affect the administration and economy."

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