Govt delaying works on Ramappa temple modifications, ASI informs HC

Court worried iconic temple may lose out on World Heritage Site tag if deadline not met

Hyderabad: The Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) on Thursday informed Telangana High Court that the state government was yet to hand over two temples situated near Ramappa temple for the purpose of boundary modification and creating the temple’s buffers zone.

The Union ministry for archaeology and museums and ASI submitted to the court that this was in spite of repeated requests and reminders to the state government seeking handing over of Gollalagudi temple and Shiva temple.

“We requested the district collector, Mulugu to expedite transfer of the lands and as a priority the revised detailed maps of the core and buffer zones also need to be provided to the World Heritage Committee (WHC) and secretaries of the Union ministry,” they said.

While declaring Ramappa temple as a World Heritage Site, WHC made eight recommendations to the state government for comprehensive conservation and management to protect Ramappa temple by December 1.

Wary that they may lose out on the World Heritage site tag, if the conservation plan was not implemented by the government, the High Court took the issue as suo moto PIL and decided to regularly monitor the progress.

The court had on earlier occasion directed the committee, which was constituted to monitor the works, to submit the status reports.

On Thursday, a status report was placed before the court by the ASI and the Union government. The report states that the pathway lighting was provided for and renovation of Kameshwaralaya would be taken up shortly. The ministry also submitted that all works were being executed as per the planning, except buffer zone and boundary modification works, because of non-transfer of lands by the district collector. It also submitted that the state government has to decide on the constitution and functioning of Palmapet special area development authority.

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