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Oh, it is stinking in OMBR Layout!

Published Jan 7, 2019, 5:50 am IST
Updated Jan 7, 2019, 5:50 am IST
The festive season in Bengaluru begins in August and goes on for two months, with Dasara, Diwali etc.
An illegal dumping ground in OMBR Layout  (Image DC)
 An illegal dumping ground in OMBR Layout (Image DC)

Bengaluru: The residents of OMBR Layout in Banaswadi have to contend with noise pollution as well as illegal dumping of garbage. Those staying near the Sri Mahaganapathy and Sri Durga Parameshwari temple at 4th 'B' Cross - 3rd Main have to regularly bear with loud music being played at these temples and now with the temple festivals in full swing, they complain that waste materials such as flowers other pooja related materials are being dumped in open spaces near the temple.

The residents complain though the temple authorities have ensured cleanliness inside the temple premises, they have not bothered to keep the surroundings clean.


"The festive season in Bengaluru begins in August and goes on for two months, with Dasara, Diwali etc. Various gods are appeased with appropriate pujas alongside noisy celebrations. We have somehow adjusted to the noise, but now we want the authorities to provide a solution to keep the surroundings clean because waste materials of flower palakki is being dumped at BDA marginal land at the corner of 4th 'B' Cross. Temple authorities should keep temple items keep inside the premises, which is in 2000 square feet granted by the BDA as a CA Site. We request the BBMP officials and local Corporator (Ward 27) to solve the issue at the earliest,” said Sandeep R., a local resident.

The residents claim they had repeatedly made written complaints to the temple authorities and local Corporator, but no action has been taken.

“If some shops and some of the items related to the temple were moved from here, it would help in improving cleanliness. There is a lack of space to carry out temple processions on the street. Health officials should inspect the spot immediately and instruct the temple authorities to clean up their surroundings,” said Shruthi Reddy, a local resident.

The temple authorities were not reachable for comment. Local Corporator A. Kodanda Reddy claimed that most residents are afraid to talk negatively about the temple authorities, because it is owned by a powerful politician. He, however, assured he would try to clear the waste in a few days.

Temple waste will be cleared soon: A. Kodanda Reddy
Q&A: with Corporator A. Kodanda Reddy
Have you heard about the garbage issue from the residents?
Most people do not come forward to speak negatively against this temple, because everyone knows that that both Sri Mahaganapathy and Sri Durga Parameshwari temples are being run by a Congress party leader, who is very close to Large and Medium Size Industries Minister K.J. George. So I have not heard about this issue earlier.

Have you ever visited the temple?
Yes, I have visited the temple many times and also seen how they have thrown some unwanted items in surrounding areas. Once I told them to remove the waste as was obstructing the movement of the residents. They will follow it for a few days and then give up.

Residents now want it to be cleared, how much time does BBMP need to clear it?
Now, I got something to act against. So definitely it will be cleared and residents will feel happy to see cleaner temple surroundings.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru

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