Telangana accounted for 5% of pedestrian deaths in 2022: NCRB

Hyderabad: A report on accidental deaths and suicides for 2022 released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Monday showed that Telangana accounted for over five per cent of pedestrian deaths in that year.

In all, 1,458 pedestrians were killed and 2,937 injured, while 3,977 died in accidents involving motorbikes and 10,400 injured.

As many as 6,592 people died due to speeding, 618 due to dangerous or careless driving/ overtaking and 190 due to drunk driving. Poor weather conditions also led to the death of 27 people in road accidents, as per the data.

Also, 3,006 people were killed in accidents on National Highways and 820 on state highways, while 3,729 died in accidents on other roads.

In all, a total of 7,559 people died in accidents and 21,619 injured.


Near School/College/ Educational Institution: 426

Near Residential Area: 1,939

At Pedestrian crossing: 401

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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