Cyclone Michaung Fills Reservoirs in Tirupati and Chittoor Districts

TIRUPATI: Heavy rains brought in by Cyclone Michaung over past three days have filled major reservoirs in Tirupati and Chittoor districts to the brim, alleviating concerns of water scarcity.

According to these district administrations, water level at Kalyani dam, a crucial storage facility, stands at 871.30 feet against its full reservoir level (FRL) of 900 feet. The dam, with a total storage capacity of 0.91 TMC, is currently holding 0.32 TMC, a substantial increase compared to last year's storage.

Water level in Mallemadugu reservoir, whose FRL is 367 feet, is currently at 367.70 feet, holding 0.220 TMC of water against its full storage capacity of 0.181 TMC. The reservoir is witnessing a remarkable inflow of 21,450 cusecs from upstream, with 22,075 cusecs being released through its crest gates.

In addition, Kalangi reservoir, Araniyar project, and Swarnamukhi barrage near Vakadu are reporting encouraging water levels. Kalangi reservoir is at 218.20 feet against its maximum level of 222.02 feet, while Araniyar is at 278 feet against its FRL of 281.01 feet. Swarnamukhi barrage is receiving good inflows and releasing an equivalent amount through its 15 crest gates.

In Chittoor district, the current water level at NTR Jalasayam is 963.99 feet against the FRL of 965.14 fee. It is holding 0.09 TMC against of water against its total storage capacity of 0.11 TMC. Similarly, Krishnapuram project, with a maximum water level of 213 meters, has water up to 211.10 meters, holding 156.01 TMC feet against its full storage capacity of 199.27 TMC feet.

Due to substantial inflows, some reservoirs have had to open their gates to release surplus water. Officials are closely monitoring the situation and discharging surplus water on an hour-to-hour basis to prevent flooding.

Officials disclosed that reservoirs like Kalangi, Mallemadugu and Araniar will not only meet the local drinking and irrigation needs, but also contribute to replenishing water sources in the neighbouring Chittoor district and even Chennai.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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