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No users for BBMP’s stinking public toilets!

Published Dec 6, 2019, 2:37 am IST
Updated Dec 6, 2019, 2:37 am IST
Lack of water supply, hygiene force people to defecate in open.
A file photo of a public toilet in Bengaluru
 A file photo of a public toilet in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: If Bengalureans are shying away from using the public toilets constructed for their convenience in the city, there is a serious reason for it. Most of these toilets are in a shameful state of neglect with anyone trying to use them having to put up with the overbearing stink.

The toilets more often than not, do not have water supply with the attendants in charge overcharging users thus discouraging them from utilising these utilities. People are left with no option but relieve themselves elsewhere adding to the filth in the city  


Ironically, despite knowing quite well that any health conscious citizen would not dare to use these toilets, the BBMP is stressing that people  utilise them and not use the streets for urinating.

For instance, there is a public toilet in Koramangala next to Jyothi Nivas College. Right at the entrance, there is an overflowing sewage and septic tank. “When I stepped inside to use the toilet, it was stinking,” complained Mr Anurag, a visitor.

He said that he checked with the attendant who was there to collect money on why  the toilet was not clean and he replied that there was no water. “We can try to run anything without water, but not toilets,” fumed Mr Anurag.


Apart from the dirty toilets, another main complaint is the exploitation of visitors. "As per the rules, for urinals, we should be charged not more than `2 and for the toilet, we should not be charged more than  `5. But in many places, there are no display boards which show the rates. Those who take care of the toilets, collect whatever charges they wish to.

For urinals they take  `5 and for the toilet too, they collect the same amount" said an auto driver. He says that unless users question the attendants, they always tend to collect more than the charge prescribed for these public utilities.


This exploitation of users is particularly high in areas which have a floating crowd like the Majestic area, City Market, Koramangala and Chickpet.

 According to a user, unhygeinic conditions and the lack of water are the main reasons why  people do not prefer to use these toilets and try to relieve themselves behind bushes and in other places creating  a dirty mess.

The  BBMP Mayor, Mr Gautam Kumar was not available for comment.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru