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Pawan Kalyan launches Tarangam

Published Dec 6, 2018, 1:48 am IST
Updated Dec 6, 2018, 1:48 am IST
Pawan Kalyan
 Pawan Kalyan

ANANTAPUR: “We have not come for elections or votes, but have come for the future of your children. We are not satisfied with you getting just 25kg subsidised rice, but we want you to look 25 years ahead into the future. Everybody uses castes as a vote card, but we have come to unite all castes,” Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan said at the launch of the party’s five-day programme, the Jana Sena Tarangam at Martahdu village in Singanamala Assembly segment in the district on Wednesday. 

The Jana Sena Tarangam programme promises to touch every doorstep in the state and will explain the Jana Sena party ideology and manifesto to the people.

Mr Pawan Kalyan knocked on the door of Mr Jeelakarra Mutylappa, an agriculture labourer in Martadu. Mutyalappa said that he had been working as agriculture labourer since the days of half rupee per day wage and that there has been no change in his lifestyle. 

He also expressed despair at not receiving old age pension despite he being 62 years of age. The Jana Sena chief explained the ideologies and manifesto of the party.

“I cherish the ideals of Kanshiram and Ambedkar. We will give five to ten thousand rupees pension to the differently abled persons and establish old age homes for the elderly people. We have also decided to transfer money directly into the accounts of women folk instead of Government ration which is not qualitatively suitable,” he said.

Mr Kalyan, through Facebook Live, shared the entire Jana Sena Tarangam inaugural function with Jana Sena cadre. All Janasainiks have to do this programme and knock the doors of every household to explain the party ideology, he said.

Later Mr Kalyan knocked the door of Mr Dive Krishna Murthy of the same village. The head of the family said that he did not get a house, despite applying for it four and half years ago. He further said that he was being harassed for his association with Jana Sena party.

Speaking at this juncture, Mr Kalyan reacted and said how long would they continue to threaten. 

He said, “These rulers do not improve the system but dilute it. Everybody should enjoy the fruits of development. Party has not come for collection of votes in the election, but to work with you for the next 25 years.”



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