Khushbu berates TD leader for remarks on Roja

Vijayawada: Actor-politician Khushbu Sundar has come out in support of AP tourism minister R.K. Roja. She has released a video in which she is castigating Telugu Desam leader Bandaru Satyanarayana for his derogatory remarks against Roja.

Khushbu said: "I very strongly condemn the kind of words used against Minister Roja of Andhra Pradesh by Ex-TD minister Bandar Satyanarayana Murthy. It shows his insecurities and patriarchal, misogynist mindset, where a man, who has failed miserably, thinks he has all the right to malign a woman.

This act of Satyanarayana Murthy shows he has failed not only as a man but as a human. He has failed the woman who has raised him. No man, who respects women, will ever speak in such a deplorable language. I stand with Roja today not because she is a friend, but because I'm a woman myself."

She pointed out that women are getting empowered and breaking glass ceilings. Yet, there are people like Satyanarayana, who think it is their birthright to malign a woman using foul language.

Khushbu asked Satyanarayana to apologise for his utterances. “I am looking forward and hoping that you will do it, because no man, who has been brought up by a woman, will ever speak in such a manner about a woman. Shame on you.”

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