63rd Day Of Lockdown

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'Politically motivated to silence me': Shehla Rashid on Sedition charge against her

Published Sep 6, 2019, 8:30 pm IST
Updated Sep 6, 2019, 8:30 pm IST
In my tweets, I have clearly mentioned that these are based on information received from people in the state,' she said.
Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement leader Shehla Rashid    (Photo: File)
 Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement leader Shehla Rashid (Photo: File)

 New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement leader Shehla Rashid on Friday described the sedition case filed against her as "frivolous", "politically motivated" and a "pathetic attempt" to silence her.

She tweeted her response to the case registered against her. Rashid has been booked for sedition over her tweets alleging that the armed forces "tortured" civilians and "ransacked" houses in the valley after Jammu and Kashmir's special status was revoked, police said on Friday.


Rashid said she learnt from media reports that the Special Cell of the Delhi Police had filed an FIR against her "for speaking out on the clampdown in Kashmir and the denial of basic rights to Kashmiris". "The FIR is frivolous, politically motivated and a pathetic attempt to silence me. "I am a petitioner in the constitutional challenge to the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution and our petition in the Supreme Court makes a very strong case for the restoration of the same. In my tweets, I have clearly mentioned that these are based on information received from people in the state," she said.

In a situation where reporters were not allowed to report, the media, social media, telephonic and postal communication were gagged, it was important to put out the narratives of the people, so that those living in the other parts of the country got to know what was happening in Jammu and Kashmir, Rashid added. "As a political activist, I was just doing my job.

In the Twitter thread for which I am being targeted, I have highlighted the positive work of the administration in ensuring facilities to the people. "That itself is proof enough that I have no motive except to shine light on the truth, which is corroborated by several media reports published in India and elsewhere. I appeal to everyone to stand in solidarity with the people of Kashmir in the fight for restoration of their rights," she wrote on Twitter.

Left activists expressed solidarity with Rashid. "Media reports have amply borne out @Shehla_Rashid tweets on torture in Kashmir. Booking her for "sedition" tells the world that telling the truth in Modi ruled India is branded "seditious". Solidarity, Shehla!" Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) politburo member Kavita Krishnan said in a tweet.

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