Broken drain, BBMP apathy set off Koramangala floods?

Residents allege babus, netas out to make money in Rs 600 crore project.

Bengaluru: Ashwini Layout, ST Bed, and 4th Block in Koramangala area suffered a wave of flooding twice due to the greedy politicians and BBMP officials, who wanted to amass fortune, said M.V.K. Anil Kumar, Secretary, Forward 68, a confederation of Resident Welfare Associations (RWA).

The failure to build the wall that was broken to allow an earth excavator to move into the drain to desilt the lake at the Koramangala valley (major drain) and plans to build concrete retaining wall by breaking the strong stone masonry retaining wall led to the marooning of most parts of Koramangala.

The water that should have flowed down the stream, leaked from the broken portion and flooded most parts of Koramangala, he explained.

“After desilting, the BBMP failed to rebuild the retaining wall. Despite repeated mails and petitions, the BBMP did not act, thereby putting residents of Koramangala in deep distress. Each of the residents suffered loss to a tune of Rs 2 lakh. At least 60 houses flooded in Ashwini Layout alone,” Kumar said.

In a letter in March, Kumar had stated that since monsoon was approaching, the BBMP should rebuild the broken retaining wall after desilting the Koramangala valley. The letter wanted to repair the same.

However, the BBMP ignored the issue till August and residents had to pay the price for their foolishness. Why the BBMP engineers failed to get the contractor build the broken wall, he questioned. “I suffered a loss to a tune of Rs 4 lakh as the washing mach0ine, dish washer, sofa set, motor, wardrobe and other things were damaged. The entire modular kitchen facility is damaged as the water stagnated for about two feet in the house. Will the BBMP officials make good for the loss,” he asked.

Further, the BBMP has taken up replacing the stone masonry retaining wall with concrete retaining wall at a cost of Rs 600 crore from Ejipura to Bellandur lake. There was no necessity to replace the stone masonry wall which is in good condition. Politicians and officials have taken up this unnecessary work just to make the money, he charged.

BBMP chief engineer Bettegowda said that he took over just 10 days ago and not aware of the letter written in March.

However, he said that he has taken measures to drain out the water and to arrest the flooding by building a temporary wall. Since it was raining, a concrete wall was not built. Once the rain stops it will be taken up, Bettegowda assured.

Palike’s follies
A wall was broken to allow an earth excavator to move into the drain to desilt the lake at the Koramangala valley (major drain)
After desilting it was not fixed
In March, resident welfare associations had written to BBMP to rebuild the broken wall, but no action was taken till August
BBMP had broken down the stone masonry retaining wall from Ejipura to Bellandur Lake to replace it with a concrete wall at a cost of Rs 600 crore. It was done just to make money, allege local residents

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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