COVID-19: Gap of six weeks ideal for vaccination after recovery

At least 4 weeks wait recommended for even infected to get jab

VIJAYAWADA: Medical professions say both Coronavirus infected patients as well as those who recovered from it observe at least four to six weeks of gap to take vaccines. They say the wait is essential as vaccine takes at least 15 days to help increase immunity levels in the body. They said in the wake of both categories of people rushing to vaccine centres to get jabs.

Dr Ch. Manoj Kumar, chief of clinical service, Manipal Hospital, said that the Coronavirus- infected and the recovered persons should not at all avoid taking vaccination shots. However, waiting for a few weeks before getting the jab was advisable.

Taking part in an awareness programme, Dr. Manoj Kumar answered various queries Covid-19 treatment, vaccines and other concerns among people. Excerpts:

Q. Recently, RT-PCR tests are claimed to be inaccurate in their reports. What are the alternatives in such cases? What tests are available for Covid-19

A: RT-PCR test is the most recommended test as it helps detect Covid more effectively than other available tests. One can also get an Antigen test done and also map it to the history and the symptoms of Covid. CT scan is the least advised test. Many people are starting to take unnecessary typhoid tests and mistaking Covid for typhoid, they are not getting themselves treated until it is too late. One should always consult the doctor before taking any tests.

Q: Can pregnant women receive the vaccine?

A: Many countries across the world have started administering vaccine to pregnant women but presently there are no such advisories provided by the Government of India. But, there are a few medical organizations which are requesting the government to allow vaccination for the pregnant women, too.

Q: Should women avoid vaccine during periods?

A: It is completely safe to take the vaccine during their period. I request everyone not to believe in any rumours.

Q: Do youngsters with good immunity need to take the vaccine?

A: All those above 18 years are strongly advised to get the vaccine irrespective of their immunity levels. It helps us fight the virus better by minimising the impact of the virus and by keeping us safe.

Q: Why are people testing positive even after the first dose?

A: The vaccine takes at least 15 days to help increase your immunity. If one has contracted the virus then it must be during this time. If you are Covid +ve after taking the vaccination, please don’t panic. Take the necessary treatment and isolate for at least 2 weeks. Once you test negative, give at least a gap of 4-6 weeks before taking the second dose.

Q: What are common side-effects after vaccination?

A: Patients generally experience body pains and fever for about 1 to 2 days. If the fever lasts for more than 3 days, then one should get tested for Covid, after consulting a doctor.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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