No water supply in West Hyderabad for 12 days

Residents spend extra Rs 1 crore on water tankers each summer.

Hyderabad: Colonies in Gachibowli, Nanakramguda and Madhapur have not been receiving water since 12 days. The residents claim that the Hyderabad Water Board is ignoring their complaints.

Those living in mega townships and high rise buildings say that they have been spending a Rs 1 crore to buy water annually for the domestic needs of about 4,000 families.

Surprisingly, the water board officials are unaware of the issue and claim that supplies have been normal.

According to Gachibowli resident Praveen Singhal, as many as 4,000 families reside in the buildings beside Wipro Technologies, and water supply had stopped on April 23. He said the residents had complained to the Water Board but its officials had closed the complaints without resuming water supply.

“We have not been receiving water for 12 days. We request the Water Board authorities to resolve the issue at the earliest as it has been depriving 4,000 families of domestic needs,” Mr Singhal said.

Mr Narasimha Reddy, who lives in Nanakramguda, said life had become more difficult with every passing day due to irregular water supply. “Of late, the board officials have not been supplying water for weeks together. We have been depending completely on private water tankers.

“The cost of Water Board and private tankers is beyond our budget. About Rs 1 crore is provisioned for additional water apart from paying regular water bills to quench the thirst of families living in our gated community,” he added.

Those living in Manikonda, Puppalguda, the financial district, Tolichowki, Narsingi, Manchirevula and Kokapet have similar complaints of irregular water supply and tanker supply by the Water Board.

Asked about the residents’ complaints, a senior Water Board official claimed that supply to the city had been completely normal. He said that like every season, the board has been supplying about 450 million gallons daily.

He said residents tend to overuse water in summer which results in a shortage. Besides, the Water Board has seized illegal borewells recently which has aggravated the issue. “The board will look into the issue and provide the best possible solution at the earliest,” he said.

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