Ignoring COVID protocols leading to exponential rise in cases in Telangana

Control measures like stopping travel, managing work from home and not venturing out have to be re-introduced

Hyderabad: Closed spaces, extensive travel, crowding and not following safety protocols are the main reasons for the exponential rise in Covid 19 cases.

Not just single individuals but even four or more members of families are coming to hospitals with symptoms of Covid-19. In cases of group gatherings, it is noted that the clusters are of as high as 10 to 15 cases. From a marriage ceremony in the state, 86 people contracted the virus, of whom 20 required oxygen support.

With tracking and surveillance by government officials, it was found that marriages, family gatherings, birthdays and other celebrations carried out in March have been the source of the spread.

The symptoms in people have manifested after 14 to 19 days. It was also seen that secondary contacts reported for testing after 10 to 15 days of arrival of the primary contacts.

A health official said, "There is a lot of human activity and large-scale interaction. Hence, most cases are also of those having had contacts with a minimum of 25 to 100 people. Tracing them is a challenge but they are coming to hospitals and their social history indicates that they have been part of an event."

It has also been noted that the spread is fast especially in closed areas with air-conditioning. Those who are not wearing masks are easy preys to the virus. It is seen that, in marriages, group gatherings, parties and other meets, people are removing masks for interaction. For photographs too, masks are removed. There is no social distancing as is often observed in photo frames.

These indulgences have added to the vulnerability in many situations and that is the reason for the spread, say health officials.

Dr Narsinga Reddy, senior member of Indian Medical Association in Telangana, said, "People completely gave up the safety protocols. Many have started saying there is no virus. This behaviour has led to an easy spread of the virus. There is also a hesitation to go for vaccination. Vaccine will protect us from the virus but people must continue following the safety protocols even after vaccination.

“Covid 19 safety protocols cannot be given up and it must be followed for some time now."

Another reason, noted doctors, is the resumption of extensive travel within India. There is continuous travel and after that social interaction with family and friends.

"There are so many different virus strains around here that it is becoming a challenge in terms of treatment. There is the double mutant E484Q and L452R from Maharashtra. The B.1.1.7 has come here from Punjab and Karnataka; and there are many others which are mutating due to the demographic shifts. The dominant strain is D614G and that is multiplying because there are so many human bodies available for the virus to enter,” said Dr Prabhu Kumar, senior internal medicine specialist.

The control measures like stopping travel, managing work for a month from home and not venturing out until and unless it is an emergency have to be re-introduced. “When people co-operate, they are helping themselves," Dr Kumar said.

Doctors in small and big private hospitals state that they have double the number of patients in home quarantine treatment and their Covid-19 sections in hospitals are full.

It is also noted that serious cases from Maharashtra and Karnataka, which are not getting space in hospitals in the state, are brought to Hyderabad for treatment.

Experts say it is high time to adhere to safety protocols and stay at home, if required, to protect oneself from the fast-spreading virus.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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