Nizamabad: Parties banking on votes from minorities to win

In the two members’ state Cabinet, after Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Mohammad Mahmood Ali has a key portfolio of Home.

Nizamabad: In Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency, votes of minorities have turned into a deciding factor for the victory of contesting candidates.

Barring the BJP, the ruling TRS and Congress have been seriously trying to get the votes of minorities. Out of the 15.52 lakh voters in Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency, the minorities votes are around 3.50 lakh.

In view of this, contesting candidates are hopeful that minorities’ support would yield a cakewalk victory for them.

TRS MP candidate K. Kavitha is confident to get majority of the minorities votes in the ensuing Parliament elections.

It been noted that the TRS MLAs won comfortably in the recent Assembly elections, with the support of minorities, in undivided Nizamabad district.

TRS is hopeful that plenty of welfare schemes for minorities would yield good results in elections. There are sizeable voters of minorities in Nizamabad Urban, Bodhan, Armoor and Jagtial Assembly constituencies.

However, TRS has been maintaining a strong bond with the MIM Party and it has also been asking the people to vote for TRS and MIM in the Parliament elections.

In the two members’ state Cabinet, after Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Mohammad Mahmood Ali has a key portfolio of Home.

Ali has been conducting a series of election campaign meetings with the Minorities asking support for TRS, stating it as real secular party.

The only Muslim MLA in Telangana state Shakeel Aamir of Bodhan Assembly constituency has taken a prestigious role in the Lok Sabha elections.

On the other hand, Congress MP candidate Madhu Goud Yashki is also hopeful of getting minority votes.

During his stint as an MP for two terms, he had maintained cordial relations with the minorities. He provided them welfare schemes and developmental activities.

Madhu Yashki is hopeful that in a national perspective, minorities would vote for the Congress in ensuing Parliament elections.

At the end of the campaign, minorities will take a wise decision to halt the communal forces, he believes.

BJP MP candidate Dharmapuri Arvind is also expecting to get votes from the minorities.

Due to cordial relations with their family, minorities may support his candidature on a personal basis.

He is also in touch with minority community elders for gaining support in the elections.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Arvind said that Triple Talaq decision will yield votes for BJP from minorities.

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