Karimnagar: Veterans in action as poll day nears

If they decide to support both BJP candidates even in last minute, there would be major impact on the results.

Karimnagar: With only five days left for Lok Sabha elections to be held, political parties are campaigning in full swing here in erstwhile Karimnagar district.

The parties are implementing all their political strategies to win the elections.

All three major political parties, the ruling TRS, Congress and the BJP, handed over the responsibility of winning two LS seats, Karimnagar and Peddapalli Parliament segments, to the key leaders of their respective parties who can prove as kingmakers in ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

Boinapalli Vinod Kumar (TRS), Ponnam Prabhakar (Congress) and Bandi Sanjay Kumar (BJP) are vying for Karimnagar LS seat whereas B. Venkatesh Netha (TRS), Dr. A Chandrashekar (Congress) and S. Kumar (BJP) are in the race for Peddapalli Parliament segment.

From the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), Health Minister Etela Rajendar (Karimangar) and Welfare Minister Koppula Eshwar (Peddapalli), and from the Congress Party, senior leader and MLC T. Jeevan Reddy (Karimnagar) and former Minister D. Sridhar Babu (Peddapalli) are striving hard to ensure the victory of candidates nominated for LS elections by their respective parties.

The two Ministers from TRS Party Etela Rajendar and Koppula Eshwar were active participants of a separate Telangana movement and were instrumental in strengthening the TRS Party from village-level in integrated Karimnagar district.

Apart from this, in recently held Assembly and local body elections, TRS Party registered a massive victory, which will be a plus point for TRS nominated LS candidates Boinapalli Vinod Kumar (Karimnagar) and Borlakuntla Venkatesh Netha (Peddapalli).

Karimnagar district is one of the strong holds of Congress party. Out of the 16 Parliament elections that were held till date, the Congress party had won 10 times. Congress Party Senior leaders and recently elected MLC T. Jeevan Reddy and Manthini MLA D. Sridhar Babu are well known personalities in erstwhile Karimnagar district and also Ministers in Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy’s Cabinet and are putting in all their efforts by participating actively in election campaigning along with directing the leaders concerned to reach all sections of people, to explain them that it is the Congress that gave a separate Statehood for Telangana and this is the time to vote for Congress candidates and elect them with a huge majority.

Key leaders (Kingmakers) of the respective parties are leaving no stone unturned and are conducting several meetings and reviewing the campaigning that is taking place in the respective LS segments, with party leaders concerned of various Assembly segments, that fall under Parliament constituencies and are trying to understand the public pulse with surveys, along with analysing the ongoing trend to implement different political strategies to win the elections.

They issued instructions to the party cadre to work like soldiers and to explain the people about various developmental activities that were taken up during their reign in their respective regions for registering a thumping victory in ensuing LS polls.

Meanwhile, the state leadership of the BJP tried to rope in Party Chief Amit Shah who can prove as a Kingmaker to Karimnagar and Peddapalli LS candidates. Its eminent local leader Vidya Sagar Rao is in Governor post in Maharashtra State.

They also took appointment and fixed the schedule for conducting a massive meeting at Karimnagar on April 4. But in unexpected circumstances, Shah’s visit was cancelled. The party leadership tried to compensate the party cadre by explaining them that Shah did not attend the meeting due to sudden appointment with Narendra Modi. However, the meeting was completed with BJP State president Dr. K Laxman.

Both LS candidates from Karimnagar and Peddapalli had no big leader to guide and direct them and are striving hard and heading forward in election campaign, with the support of local leaders. Political analysts said that the political equations in both Karimangar and Peddapalli Parliament segment will change along with shattering down the hopes of ruling TRS and Opposition Congress parties, with the entry of G. Vivek into the scene.

They said that if Vivek, who resigned from TRS party, on the denial of Peddapalli Lok Sabha seat, enters into the scene of Lok Sabha polls by extending his support to BJP candidates, the BJP party will give a tough fight and may emerge victorious in the elections.

The charisma and grip of senior leader and Union Minister G. Venkataswamy of this region was not easy to resist for the voters and his son G. Vivek and G. Vinod, who has strong following in erstwhile Karimangar district, may prove costly to ruling TRS and Opposition Congress parties.

If they decide to support both BJP candidates even in last minute, there would be major impact on the results.

The vast experience of these key leaders (Kingmakers) are going to be crucial for implementing strategies and to guide the candidates towards victory, they added.

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