Rajahmundry: Action plan in place to tackle fire mishaps

Newly procured vehicles ready to attend calls.

Rajahmundry: The hot summer usually increase the risk of fire mishaps, and the fire brigade has drawn up an action plan and procured additional water tenders, mist vehicles and mist Bullets to combat mishaps. Officials are carrying out an awareness drive on controlling fires in industrial and residential areas of East Godavari.

As the authorities expect to receive more distress calls, they are keeping the newly procured vehicles ready to attend such calls immediately and are also re-pairing old vehicles to make them ready for use in case of emergency. They are obtaining information on location of industrial establishments, fire fighting equipment owned by them and telephone numbers of the officials to contact to pass on any information.

They say that if fire mishaps are reported at multiple places located elsewhere at the same time, the information on availability of fire tenders with commercial establishments will be of immense use to avail their services along with those available with the department. As it is important to reach the place of fire mishap immediately and also the nature of fire, the authorities intend to use such information to issue directions to help reach fire tenders immediately to put out the fire.

In case of fire mishaps in multi-storied buildings, the authorities have an advanced fire tender to extinguish such fires.

In addition to that, the authorities are equipped with mist vehicles to put out fire in industries and also mist bullets for use in densely populated areas.

The authorities are carrying out an awareness drive and also org-anising mock fire drills in industries to help the employees to initiate immediate measures to tackle the fire before the fire tenders reach the place.

As the fire occurs due to various reasons especially in industries including due to chemical reactions, the authorities are insisting on industries to maintain all the requisite fire fighting equipment including chemical suits, in working order, stored water and others ready for use to minimise the extent of damage.

In multi-storied apartments, the authorities are carrying out an awareness drive on proper usage of domestic gas refills. As more fire mishaps are being reported due to leakage of domestic gas, the authorities are carrying out demonstration and also distributing pamphlets on safety tips.

East Godavari district fire officer T. Uday Kumar said, “We are ready to attend to fire mishaps within a short time soon after we receive a call. We advise the people living in industrial and residential areas and those living on the outskirts in thatched houses to keep ready stored water to use immediately to avoid spread of fire to other areas before water tenders arrive.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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