On Facebook, support for helmet rule

The traffic police has posted video on its Facebook account to encourage bike riders to wear helmets.

“Even those who protect you, protect their heads,” says a video that depicts Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga wearing crowns while travelling on their respective vah-ans — the mouse and the tiger.

The traffic police has posted this video on its Facebook account to encourage bike riders to wear helmets. A large number of nitizens have supported the initiative.

A few nitizens posted pictures on FB of policemen riding bikes without wearing helmet and said the law should be equal to all. A few others wanted traffic cops to avoid inconveniencing the public with restrictions whenever VIPs visit the city.
Mr A. Rahman said on FB that such a video is not the right way to promote helmet-wearing as people from minority communities may not like it. Hundreds of people responded, asking Mr Rahman to “understand the message about wearing the helmet and not bother about religion.”

Mr Mohammed Ab-dul Rafeeq posted on the FB page: “We are obsessed with screen guards for our smart phones but do not bother to protect our head with a helmet. Isn’t it weird?’’ A major complaint was who should be fined for the bad condition of roads due to which motorists are suffering day and night.

Hyderabad Traffic DCP A.V. Ranganath said the law was equal for everyone and even cops would be booked for not wearing helmet. The traffic police website, has more details.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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