Land Acquisition list flayed for anomalies' in Guntur

Angry pooled farmers locked the CRDA office at Borupalem protesting irregularities in the LA list.

Guntur: Farmers, who were angered by the inclusion of pro Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) farmers in the Land Acquisition (LA) list, locked the CRDA office at Borupalem on Saturday. The government is preparing to collect land from anti Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) farmers in villages in the Amaravati Capital Region through LA. The government has issued, for the first time, the notification for a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) survey in Amaravati region, which is necessary prior to LA.

The land which was not given under LPS in Nelapadu, Krishnayapalem, Borupalem and Abbarajupalem villages of the Amaravati Capital Region will be collected under LA: the notification for the SIA survey was therefore issued to the four villages. Earlier, the government had issued orders excluding pooled lands under LPS from SIA survey.

It may be recalled that when CRDA tried to collect lands through LA Act earlier, intervention of Jana Sena founder and Telugu cine hero Pawan Kalyan forced the government to switch to land pooling scheme instead of acquisition.

The CRDA will collect 19.55 acres in Abbarajupalem, 94.66 acres in Krishnayapalem, 39.81 acres in Nelapadu and 23.62 acres in Borupalem. It has also put together a list of land parcels with survey numbers which will be acquired under LA. The lists were put on display at the CRDA’s competent authority offices at the four villages and on the CRDA website.

Reactions were swift after notifications were issued and pooled farmers pointed out that their land was being included in LA despite their having offered those lands to CRDA under LPS. The farmers claimed that they had already taken the annuity amounts, but CRDA had issued the notification to acquire their lands under LA. The enraged farmers, led by Ch. Chandrasekhar Rao and G. Bullabbai, rushed to the CRDA competent authority’s office, seeking a clarification, but failed to get proper information and therefore locked the office.

The Tullur police rushed to the spot. CRDA higher officials assured the people that they would review the LA lists whereupon the farmers unlocked the doors of the office. Similarly, landowners and farmers of Krishnayapalem claimed to have offered all their land under LPS and alleged that there were anomalies in the preparation of the LA lists.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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