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Kanhaiya never raised slogan on freedom from hunger in JNU campus: ABVP

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Published on: March 6, 2016 | Updated on: March 6, 2016

It wants to know if Kanhaiya will 'criticize and disassociate' from DSU's posters in campus which demand secession of Kashmir.

Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU campus. (Photo: PTI)

Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU campus. (Photo: PTI)

New Delhi: ABVP on Sunday alleged that JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar "never" raised slogans on freedom from hunger or interference in the JNU campus on February 9 and that his post-bail speech was full of "rhetoric and sham".

"We welcome this newly-found faith in the 'Constitutional machineries' as well as 'Constitution of India'. Demagogy and rhetorical flourish cannot hide the truth for long. 'Azadi' from hunger or interference was not the slogan raised ever on this campus during February 9 event. "It's a ploy to dilute it by de-contextualising its use and distract from core issue so that the Left bastion remains secure after a short tremor," JNUSU joint secretary Saurabh Sharma said.

ABVP said that it wants to know if Kanhaiya will "criticize and disassociate" from DSU's posters in campus which demand secession of Kashmir, Nagaland and Manipur. "Nivedita Menon in her lecture has said that 'India is illegally occupying Kashmir' and 'India's imperialism and exploitation in Kashmir'. "We demand that a resolution must be brought in JNUSU condemning such statements and demanding an apology from DSU and Menon. We promise to vote in favour of it," ABVP said in a statement.

Attacking Kanhaiya over his statement on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sharma said "he mocked the Narendra Modi government that it has got only 31 per cent vote and said that 69 per cent people are against him. He must remember that he has got only 1,057 votes against more than 8,000 votes".

"It goes to 13.21 per cent. By his logic, 87 per cent people oppose him and thereby, he cannot be the voice of the JNU," the joint secretary said. ABVP also alleged that its members and sympathisers are being targeted by students who support the Left. Sharma claimed that belongings of a female student residing at Koyna hostel were recently thrown out of her room by Leftist students. "The girl found a slip with 'Reject ABVP' written on it.

Her belongings were thrown in the corridor. They are terrorising students who support us," he alleged.

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