Ooty: Red hued carnation flowers, most preferred for Valentine's Day

Some people also show interest in buying pink colour carnation flower, she said.

Ooty: As the Valentine’s Day celebrations is round the corner, the demand for Carnation and Lilium flowers have begun to soar in this hill district, amid florists looking to good tidings for the next two weeks.

“Red” colour appears to be something very special during the Valentine’s Day celebrations as florists here said that the red hued carnation flower is the most preferred flower for the occasion in the hills. Anushya Sunder, a florist here, said that in Nilgiris, the red colour carnation flower, a look-alike of rose and comparatively cheaper, does well during the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

She said that though red colour commercial cut-rose is the most preferred flower for Valentine’s Day feasts, in Nilgiris, commercial cut-rose is not grown, as the hills are known for garden rose varieties. So, naturally, the ‘red colour carnation’ becomes the first choice. Some people also show interest in buying pink colour carnation flower, she said.

“For the past few weeks the demand for Nilgiri grown carnation was good. A stem fetches around Rs 10 now. It may further go up from this weekend. As the rose costs more, carnation lent the helping hand for budget class people. Now-a-days, people show interest buying in Lilium flower too. This flower is being used for decoration in big time hotels wherein Valentine’s Day celebrations are held” she added.

Echoing the same tone, Mr. D. Mani, another flower trader here, said that it is a well known fact that flowers are part and parcel of Valentine’s Day celebrations across the world and almost everyone who wish to celebrate it would prefer to gift flowers. As red carnation makes up for the perfect alternative for rose, naturally, the demand for ‘red colour carnation’ soars up during this week, he noted.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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