Hyderabad: Device catches' drunk drivers at the wheel

He says the installation is easy and will not cause inconvenience to the driver or ruin the car's look.

Hyderabad: Telangana boy Siripuram Sai Teja has built a device that detects the alcohol consumption level of a driver even before he starts the vehicle. It cost Mr Teja Rs 2,500 to build and he created the device after learning coding in 15 days.

Taken aback by the increasing number of drunk and drive cases in Hyderabad, especially over weekends, the 22-year-old decided to do something about it. He purchased micro control and learnt C-language with the help of Google and YouTube.

“Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things which several people do despite knowing the rate of casualties. So I designed this project where an ‘alcohol detector’ is installed in a four-wheeler for the safety of the driver. The engine will not start if the person in the driver’s seat has consumed alcohol beyond the permissible level. The alcohol detector identifies the consumption of alcohol and will restrict the car’s engine from starting. It will also send an SMS alert to a configured number,” the young inventor said.

He says the installation is easy and will not cause inconvenience to the driver or ruin the car’s look.

This is one of several projects this rural innovator from Korutla in Jagtial district who now lives in Hyderabad, has designed without any high degree of education or training.

The alcohol-level detector was the first instrument for which he learnt coding. Mr Teja has also created a mini camera drone costing Rs 430 which captures its surroundings through a tiny inbuilt camera. He also created exhibits related to water-level indicator, a laser light security alarm, steam power, and a fire alarm using GPS.

TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao on Tuesday said that the state would be “more than happy to support the young lad through Telangana state innovation cell.”

Officials of the Telangana state innovation cell contacted Mr Teja on Monday and will be assisting him in taking his prototype forward.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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