Khammam: More teens now turn to booze

Demonetisation did not have any effect on the sale of liquor in Telangana.

Khammam: The consumption of alcohol among teenagers has risen to alarming levels in Khammam and Bhadrari-Kothagudem districts. Health experts are cautioning that consumption of alcohol at a tender age will have an impact on the health and suggested that the government should find a remedy for it.

A steep rise in the sale of liquor in 2016 might bring cheer to officials handling the financial matters as it would add to the revenue of the government but it will not do good to the society.

N. Sitarama Rao, a social activist said, “Teenagers cosuming alcohol might have risky behaviour. When young people drink alcohol, the culture that supports their behaviour and how much they drink increases the likelihood of the youngsters experiencing the adverse effects of boozing.

The sale of liquor in Khammam and Bhadradi districts has fetched Rs 976 crore to the government which is more than Rs 265 crore registered in 2015. Surprisingly, demonetisation did not have any effect on liquor sale.

N. Sundara Murthy, another activist, said teenagers prefre consuming hot drinks like whisky and brandy. There is no safe-level of alcohol consumption for teenagers. Consumption of liquor at a young age would make them prone to health hazards. The social system in Telangana also adds to the problem as many of the parents consider boozing very common.

“The government should strictly implement the rule of banning sale of liquor to teenagers as they are the real strength and future of the nation. If they do not keep good health the hopes of the nation get shattered,” Mr Murthy pointed out and urged the state to take serious action in this regard.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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