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Chocolate Factory Road: Choked by trash

Published Nov 5, 2018, 3:12 am IST
Updated Nov 5, 2018, 3:13 am IST
There has been hardly any fall in the volume of mixed waste left on the road. 
Debris dumped on the footpath on Chocolate Factory Road	 (Image DC)
 Debris dumped on the footpath on Chocolate Factory Road (Image DC)

The Chocolate Factory Road is a favourite spot for those looking to illegally dump garbage and scoot off. The road has been a long standing black spot and BBMP has tried every trick, including placing images of gods, but the volume of trash remains unchanged. While the local residents point fingers at nearby eateries for the mess, the local BBMP engineer opines that the residents are also to blame

BBMP seeking ‘divine intervention’ to prevent Chocolate Factory Road from turning into a garbage dump has proved futile. Placing pictures of gods and godesses has  failed to deter the culprits from illegally dumping garbage.


They just dump them a little away from these images and scoot off. There has been hardly any fall in the volume of mixed waste left on the road. 

The residents blame it on nearby eateries and maintained large scale dumping happens after they close at midnight.

"By 10:30 pm one can see employees of eateries based in Tavarekere, Cashier Layout and Chocolate Factory randomly dump sacks of  food waste," said Vipin Sethi, a resident.

He said while the residents know who the violators are, he wondered whether the Palike knows? "If not this is surprising, "he remarked.

Though there have been warnings written all over the wall by the BBMP against dumping of garbage on the road, the rules have been seldom followed. 

Krishnappa, a local resident, commented that as the area caters to a large number of students and bachelors there has been a sharp increase in the number of roadside eateries. 

"The problem is not in the rise of commercial outlets but the implementation of the BBMP regulations. Most of the commercial areas in the city are either polluted or dirty. There is a huge question mark on the implementation of the regulations," he added. 

At the entry of Chocolate Factory Road the motorists have a tough time due to uneven slabs.

"This is an area that witnesses traffic everyday. The roads should be repaired as soon as it is possible," said Sandeep Shakthi, a local resident.

‘Local residents are also responsible for mess’
with BBMP ward Engineer, Shareef
Residents have questioned the way BBMP manages waste. What you have to say?
Are the residents not responsible for the mess? We clear the garbage everyday and despite that there is hardly any improvement. The residents themselves throw garbage. We have painted the walls and sealed the black spots with green cover, but it has not improved the situation.
Has the tender to install the CCTV cameras been called?
Yes, that has been called and it will be installed soon.
At the entry of Chocolate Factory Road the slabs over drains are uneven. When will that be repaired?
We will look into it. Repair works are on.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru