Rescued kids go back to streets

There are a total of 10 government institutions for the rescued children, and the government is only paying Rs 50,000 per child per year

Hyderabad: Children rescued by the government and provided shelter and enrolled in government schools are ending up back on the streets. Children rescued are either forced into child labour, begging or working for others against their will. Also, not all shelter institutions provided by the government are functioning and those in working condition cannot accommodate more than 100 children because of lack of facilities.

The child welfare department claims to have rescued many children, who are being provided shelter and education. But what is the use when the same kids are spotted back in the streets? And what are the measures to end child-labour in the city?

Addressing these issues, chairperson of child welfare committee, Hyderabad, G. Shailaja pointed out that there is no one to monitor the children on a day-to-day or regular basis as the resources are insufficient. She added that parents are forcing their kids to be back on the streets and beg and work in garages or factories to earn money for them as most of them are addicts.

“Some communities force their kids to continue in their father’s footsteps when it comes to livelihood. They don’t send their children to shelter homes,” she said.
When it comes to tackling child labour, a government team has to go around and check in order to rescue such kids. However, this mostly happens once in six months, added Shailaja.

There are a total of 10 government institutions for the rescued children. The government is only paying Rs 50,000 per child per year. There are 38 private NGOs for these children in Hyderabad and 136 in Medchal. There are separate institutions for children aged 0-6 years and 7-18 years.

“Parents are least bothered and threaten that they will commit suicide if their child is not released. Most of the children are migrants who prefer Hyderabad as it is an easy money-making spot,” added Shailaja.

Anita Dara, a psychologist, added that parenting is most important, at least in the initial years as the child will grow up to be the person the parent guides him/her to be. Making them forcefully earn and beg is just like producing more people with no values and discipline which is adversely impacting the country’s growth.
Meanwhile, anyone who knows about a child who needs to be rescued can call on the child helpline number 1098.

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