Telangana HC rejects plea against \'Jhund\'

High Court fines petitioner Rs.10 lakh for hiding info

Hyderabad: The Telangana High Court on Friday ordered a person to pay Rs. 10 lakh to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund for suppressing information in his petition to stay the release of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Jhund.

The petitioner, Nandi Chinni Kumar, approached the court on Thursday with a lunch motion. His contention was that the movie was based on the life of Akhilesh Paul, football player, and that he had acquired the rights to the story for making the film in 2017 and 2018. He came to know that the film Jhund was based on the same storyline, he said.

The court dismissed the petition on the ground that Chinni Kumar had approached the court without clean hands as he suppressed facts in respect of an application which was filed before a trial court. The court pointed out that petitioner, after entering into a compromise with the producers, received a sum of `5 crore but was now making an allegation that he was misled by the film-makers.

On that ground the petition was dismissed, and the court imposed `10 lakh costs on Chinni Kumar that is to be paid to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund within 30 days. If the amount was not paid within the deadline, Hyderabad collector would recover the same as arrears of land revenue within a period of 30 days thereafter, and deposit the amount with the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund and report compliance before the court.

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