Russian troops to help Indians in evacuation from Moscow

The evacuation to India from Moscow may begin on Saturday night or Sunday

Visakhapatnam: Russian troops are likely to help India in the safe passage of stranded persons from here who are still stuck in the war-hit areas close to the eastern border of Ukraine. Their evacuations are proposed via airports in Russia.

The evacuation to India from Moscow may begin on Saturday night or Sunday.

The Indians will be brought from the war zones to Russia’s nearest airport Belgorod, 90-100 km away from Kharkiv. From there, they will be sent to Moscow for an onward air journey to India.

The distance between Belgorod and Moscow airports would be above 600km, a flying time of one to one and a half hours.

An Indian embassy team was stationed at Belgorod to receive the Indian nationals. This apart, the Indian government has kept two Air Force IL-76 planes ready for evacuation under a special arrangement with Moscow.

The Russian troops’ support is needed as the border is surrounded by artillery fire and this is the only place for rapid evacuation of the Indians stuck in the Sumy and Kharkiv.

The Union ministry of external affairs has reiterated, “Our government is in constant touch with Moscow to give safe passage to Indian students stranded in Kharkiv and Sumy warzones and allow evacuation through the eastern border with Russia.”

Students suffer from Hypothermia

On the other hand, the students stuck in the Kharkiv and Sumy said the government’s idea of using the Passage Corridor through Russia would be of help to them. Several students are suffering from a physical condition called hypothermia. Some of them were taken in ambulances for emergency medical aid. Hypothermia is a condition of low body temperature. The core body temperature drops to below normal level, resulting in shivering, pale skin and fast heartbeats.

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