Red Fort our next target, BJP should not eye Bengal, warns Mamata

Mamata accused the BJP of communal riots and tension, announcing rewards and jobs for those who prevented it.

Kolkata: Asking the BJP to prove its worth before eyeing West Bengal, chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday declared that the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has set the Red Fort as its target when the BJP eyes to rule the state.

Accusing the BJP and its affiliates of orchestrating communal tension and riots, she also announced that her government would give either jobs or rewards to those who would prevent communal tension.

"First prove your mettle. Then set your eyes on Bengal. Remember Bengal is the only state which never bowed her head down to anyone and she will never do so. Bengal shows the way to the people. Our task is to produce human beings. Our job is not to indulge in rioting. Looting the savings of the poor, who can not even arrange their food, from the banks and winning elections with their money cannot go hand in hand," she said in an oblique reference to the BJP at a rally in Purulia.

Training guns on the BJP Banerjee elaborated, "It is not a crime to be poor. But if someone tries to buy the poor with the money and orchestrating riots then it is a crime. Someone says now their target is Bengal. And Bengal says, not for her interest but for the country's sake, our target is Lal Qila in New Delhi."

Earlier at an administrative meeting in Durgapur, the chief minister alleged, "Recently another conspiracy has been underway. Some youth are given money, say Rs 20,000."

She claimed, "They are asked to throw away meat at places: sometimes at a temple sometimes at a mosque to ignite riots between two communities. It is the handiwork of the RSS and BJP. We have seen such instances in North 24 Parganas. It may be done also during Ramnavami in a deliberate attempt. I do not need to judge anyone whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim. I support all. Whoever will commit an offense is guilty."

Directing the police to pull up their socks Banerjee added, "The police has to undertake community development programme in all areas. The inspectors in charge have to keep vigil in their police station jurisdictions. I am saying all these because the RSS-BJP workers were caught in the incident which took place at Habra. Unless I would not have been vocal about it. Had it been the Trinamul workers I still would have spoken about it."

Instructing the police to set up community development committees and involve the public in it the chief minister underlined, "Those who create riot have to be caught. Those who will either catch the offender or keep a tab on such incidents will be rewarded. Some of them will be awarded Rs 1,000, others will be given jobs."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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