Rare surgery performed on intestinal cancer

The patient could start taking food orally after the surgery.

Chennai: A rare life saving surgery on intestianal cancer was performed by a team of doctors led by Dr. T.S. Chandrasekar on a 41 year patient at Medindia Hospitals recently.

The patient could not retain the food he ate as he was suffering from advanced cancer of the duodenum that caused incessant vomiting, severe weight loss and jaundice due to blockage of the biliary tree and duodenum, the first part of small intestine.

There was obstruction in the biliary system as well as proximal small bowel causing severe jaundice and unrelenting vomiting due to total obstruction to the outflow of food.

“After identifying the site of operation for delivering a stent using endoscopic ultrasound, stent was deployed connecting the bile duct and the duodenum, to provide free flow to the passage of bile obstructed by the cancerous growth. EUS guided Gastro Jejunostomy and ‘Hot Axios - Lumen Apposing Self-expanding Metallic Stent,’ helped to bypass the obstruction caused by the malignant growth in the duodenum. The procedure was successfully completed on the patient,” said Dr. T.S. Chandrasekar, gastroenterologist and chairman, Medindia Hospitals.

The patient could start taking food orally after the surgery. The first of its kind procedures were carried out through mouth without opening the abdomen under minimal intravenous sedation, without blood loss and any blood transfusion.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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