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Chennai: Videos of bikers dragging police barricades go viral

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Published on: January 4, 2018 | Updated on: January 4, 2018

Police register case, launch hunt for suspects.

Screengrab of the incident

Screengrab of the incident

Chennai: That young riders speeding on motorbikes on city roads endanger their lives and that of the public has been a fact that has been stated time and again. Now, two videos of them dragging the iron police barricades on city roads for several hundred meters letting sparks fly by, has gone viral posing tough questions on enforcement by the city police to rein in rowdy bikers.

The videos themselves were shot by their fellow biker gang who indulged in the act, late night on city roads. While it is not clear when incidents happened, police sources said that the incidents happened on Kamarajar Salai and Gandhi Mandapam road near Kotturpuram.

 In one of the videos, a pillion rider is seen dragging the barricade on Kamarajar Salai, much to the chagrin of other motorists. 

Both the occupants of the motorbike were not wearing helmets and the video was shot by their friends trailing them.

In another video, another group of youngsters indulged in a similar act on Gandhi Mandapam road and let off the barricades near the pavement.

Police said they had already registered a case and have launched a hunt for the suspects.

About 10 days ago, police came down heavily on overspeeding bikers by seizing about 100 motorbikes on Santhome high road. FIR was registered against more than 80 of them under various sections in several police stations in Mylapore district, according to a senior police officer. 

On December 3, police detained at least 20 youngsters and their motorbikes for over speeding after one of the bikers injured an assistant commissioner of police while speeding along Sardar Patel road. The  bikers didn’t stop the vehicle despite injuring the police officer after which the police teams swung into action.

Police suspect the incident in the videos to have happened after the crackdown.

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