ISC 2017: Utility guides students to come up with innovation

K.L.N. Sivanarayana from Iragavaram mandal in West Godavari district has designed a Janata AC - cum-water cooler.

TIRUPATI: From eco-friendly cycle washing machine to reusing plastic bottles, the young children have come up with innovative solutions to various problems and put their creative work on display for the visitors at the Children Science Congress here on Wednesday.

B. James, a class 10 student from Akividu in West Godavari district, has designed an eco-friendly cycle-cum-washing machine which can wash clothes while cycling.

“Washing machines are too expensive and cannot be afforded by the poor and it has only single purpose. So I designed a multipurpose machine for the poor people. We have attached a drum to the cycle tyre and it rotates while cycling,” he said.

“Through his innovative idea, we can also clean the water. “If we attach a dynamo to the cycle, it can also produce electricity. It can also serve as the exercise machine for the men and at the same time reduces the burden of washing for women,” he added.

K.L.N. Sivanarayana from Iragavaram mandal in West Godavari district has designed a Janata AC - cum-water cooler. He created this machine by us-ing the empty drum, a few waste bottles and a pot.

“If we pump the air from the high pressure to low pressure, it sustains the loss of temperature. I used the same Jowl-Thompson effect on my machine. If the same air is pumped into the top it serves as the water cooler. It can save a lot of electricity,” he said.

U. Chandrasekar, a class 10 student from Vepagu-nta in Vishakapatnam district has designed a floating wind turbine which can be used offshore. “We have very less land due to urbanisation. So, by using floating turbines, we can produce renewable energy from the deep sea. Energy can be saved in the battery and transmitted to the shore,” he said. The existing offshore fixed-bottom wind turbine technology deployments had been limited to water depths of 30 metres.

A team of students led by Vineeth V.S. from Thiruvananthapuram have come up with a novel idea of energy conservation at tea shops. “By moving the tap in the boiler from bottom to top we can save energy loss due to evaporation,” he said.
Smart dustbins with the remote alarm system, rail bridge flood monitoring system are some of the innovative ideas found in the exhibition.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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