IIT Banaras designs course for brides-to-be

Three-month course to train women, boost skills and heighten confidence .

Lucknow: The IIT in the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is developing a new three-month crash course specially designed for new brides! The course supposedly prepares women for marriage but the venerable university does not seem to think that a similar course should be designed for men. The new course for the new brides called ‘Daughters’ Pride — Beti Mera Abhimaan’ has been initiated by Young Skilled India Start-Up which is incubated with the Malviya Nav Parivartan Kendra of IIT-BHU.

Neeraj Srivastava, the CEO of Young Skilled India, explains that “Young girls on the verge of marriage are often saddled with complexes which makes it difficult for them to adjust in a new household. This course teaches them how to make adjustments and deal with situations that emerge after marriage.” He does not feel that men also need to be counselled on the issue so that they can also learn to make adjustments with their wives.

When asked why the start-up does not see any reason for a similar course for young men who are on the threshold of marriage — don’t men need to be counselled to behave better with their wives? — Mr Srivastava parried the questions. “At the moment, we have only this course in mind,” he said. The three-month course has been specially designed for girls to train them in improving self-confidence, inter-personal skills that helps in dealing with members in the new family, problem solving skills, stress handling and computer skills.

Counsellors address queries girls may have regarding marriage, balancing marriage and career, and avoiding clashes in the family. “The way in which we have worked out the syllabus will help the brides-to-be to become confident of a new life that often changes life completely for them. There is flexibility of syllabus and we will address those issues that trouble the students more. The brides, on one hand, have to build up a relationship with the husband and, on the other, adjust to multiple relationships in the new environment,” said Mr Srivastava.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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