Benguluru: It’s a date! Astrology a big factor for C-sections, say doctors

He also said that mahurat babies are popular among the middle and the upper classes, who show a growing preference for it.

Benguluru: In India, it's a matter of course to check 'for a good time' before something new is begun, whether it is a marriage, a new business, an important decision and now, thanks to advancements in medical care, even the birth of a child. Parents and expecting couples seek astrological advice during pregnancy and before surgical procedures. Doctors say they are receiving a growing number of special requests to conduct planned deliveries and C-sections based on astrological predictions, planetary placements and auspicious times. These are the new generation of 'mahurat babies'.

"In India, the trend of having mahurat babies, or delivering the baby on an auspicious date, is growing more popular. It is being increasingly discussed amongst patients and can be problematic for doctors, for it comes with its own share of complications. These kind of babies can only be delivered if the parents are keen to have an induction of labour or a C- section. However, as a hospital, we encourage normal deliveries and do not encourage induction of labour before the due date for non-medical reasons," says Dr. Kishore Kumar, Founder Chairman and Neonatologist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals.

He also said that mahurat babies are popular among the middle and the upper classes, who show a growing preference for it. "It involves planned deliveries and surgical caesarean sections in the hopes of delivering the baby on a specific date and at a specific time, which their astrologers predict will be lucky. Families are so particular about the exact time of delivery that they tend to panic and cause chaos if things go awry, like the surgeon being delayed in the operation theatre, for instance. This puts immense stress on doctors and should be avoided," says Dr Kishore.

Dr. Aarthi Bharat, Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, says, “Everyday, we see cases of patients coming in with special requests to be operated upon on auspicious days and at a specific time, when it comes to elective (C-Sections and other surgical procedures). "As a Doctor, I understand the sensitivities involved and typically oblige their requests as long as the patient isn't expecting us to operate on them at an ungodly hour. Thankfully, when it comes to natural birthing, I haven't come across any unusual requests yet," she said.

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